Helpful tips for Avoiding Counterfeit Product

Only purchase items directly from The English Oak or from authorized Stockiest/Dealers. Purchasing directly from The English Oak or from an authorized dealer is the best way to ensure that you get genuine products.

The English Oak never sells the products in plastic bags or wrappings, so we recommend that you never buy goods packaged in this way.
Please note that some counterfeiting goods may have fake hologram and logo seals.
Beware of suspicious offers or messages, dealers of counterfeit goods may offer certain discounts, shipping discounts if you agree to purchase loose/cut laminates, this is a strong sign that the laminate may not be genuine.
Counterfeit laminates may not last as long, or hold climatic changes as well as the genuine product.
Genuine product will always use logos that are clear and sharp, placed precisely near the logo. Counterfiet products often use logos that are blurry, sloppy, off-color, or misplaced.


Old Hologram

New Hologram


The English Oak Laminates have been produced with the holographic logo on either side of the laminate.
The holographic logo will change colors when rotated.